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Our Pre-School - Focus on Education

“Nowadays, children can start school as young as 4 years and one day. From being the biggest child in a peer group of 8 in the care of an Early Years- trained Key Worker, a child moves into a class most often of more than 20 with a teacher and Classroom Assistant. Accustomed to being one of the biggest children, playing in a garden in the care of several well-known Nursery staff she/he has to cope with being one of the smallest in a playground supervised by a teacher. At mealtimes, instead of eating with a small group of peers served by his Key Worker, she/he has to cope with eating in a big hall. Pre School staff at Oaklands work towards preparing every child to make starting school a happy and confident experience.

Communication skills and language development are vital and we regard every activity as an opportunity to develop language, vocabulary and good, clear speech. Story telling, nursery rhymes, singing songs, telling “news” to staff and peers at Circle Time all play an important part in our work. It is vital that children hear clear, correct speech from adults. If a child makes a mistake we do not say it is wrong, rather staff are trained to repeat using the correct grammar.
In order to start children towards Reading Readiness we use “Jolly Phonics” the same system as the schools. We sing the songs in Pre School every day. We often ask parents to help by e.g. pointing out objects at home which start with the “weekly letter” or ask for the loan of objects to display on the e.g.”t for table”

There are countless opportunities to develop mathematical skills..e.g.counting when climbing stairs, when buttoning up a coat, when counting out sweets to share, “how many 250ml. bottles of water to fill a 500ml. bottle?” half full, quarter full etc.
Meal times provide an opportunity for sharing/dividing.”.how many children would like…”.

To develop self -confidence and a good self-image we believe one of the greatest gifts we can give a child is our time and our attention

We pride ourselves on how well prepared for school our children are when they leave Oaklands.

Our pre-school rooms are colourful and exciting places for our children. The staff are experienced and trained to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. The children continue to benefit from learning through play but with a more structured day involving planned, adult-led and child-led activities.

The children are full of curiosity for the world around them and we strive to cater for their enquiring minds and high energy levels. From problem solving to number and letter recognition to speaking French, wherever and whenever we can we feed their thirst for knowledge.

Free Play develops independence and the ability to make choices. Well-trained adults are always present in Free-Play sessions to observe and unobtrusively help to extend and develop the children’s skills.

Planned activities include cooking, modelling, painting, scissor work, drawing, sewing cards sand and water play, messy play, domestic play, climbing and balancing, running, jumping and gardening. We are well-equipped with computers and the skills of the children outshine those of some of the staff!

Woodworking twice a week.

Once a week, Pre-School 1 prepare and cook their own healthy and nutritious lunch.

Children love music and music plays an important part in a child’s development and Nursery life.

Through their “Learning through Landscapes” programme, Ofsted is keen for indoor play to extend easily and freely into outdoor play. We agree enthusiastically because outdoor play is essential for good health and physical development. Our big garden is well-equipped with climbing frames, slides and playhouses. We have installed artificial turf and a large canopy so that the children can enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

Nature provides a constantly-changing scene and children enjoy planting seeds, caring for them, watching them grow and harvesting the results of their efforts together with apples from the tree. Oaklands’ outdoor facilities are enviable and we take full advantage of them.

Our primary aims are:

  • To prepare the children for the transition from Pre-school to “Big School.”
  • To support children’s development in all areas of the EYFS as they work toward achieving their Early Learning Goals
  • To provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment in which the children feel confident and motivated to learn.
07:45Children arrive
08:00 - 08:45Breakfast
09:00Assembly/children's news time, special events, e.g., birthdays
09:30Small group time: structured activities with Key Worker
10:30Mid-morning milk or water or squash and biscuits
10:45Garden play / music / singing / story time
11:45Lunch time. Followed by toileting, washing, teeth cleaning, story.
Rest time according to individual needs. Quiet activities for children
who do not need to sleep.
14:30Afternoon drink and biscuit.
Free activities
15:30 - 16:00Tea
Music / story / carefully-chosen video or short children's T.V. programme
16:00 - 18:15Parents arrive to collect their children