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Toddlers - Our Hedgehogs and Robins

The children have now moved downstairs to a bigger and more challenging world but they still have the security provided by their Key Person in their own light and cheerful room where they have their meals and rest time.

PICT0018The Toddler rooms are well equipped with a good range of exciting and stimulating toys and games as well as activities for the most creative of minds and to develop manipulative skills.

Hedgehogs and Robins have their own changing rooms and,when the time is right, and with very close co-operation with parents, we start toilet training and provide support and advice for parents. Hedgehogs have a child-sized lavatory in case they should graduate from a potty while they are a Hedgehog!

Supported by their Key Person, whose observations help to plan suitable activities, the children continue to develop in all areas at their own pace. It can be surprising that a child whose physical skills are typical of a younger child has a considerable vocabulary, a long concentration span and speaks easily and clearly, typical of an older child.

Hedgehogs seem to grow up very quickly as activities become more challenging, designed to develop fine skills, gross motor skills, memory, social skills, table manners…

Access to the garden is easy and bigger trikes, cars, scooters and climbing frames all present new challenges. The playhouse provides excellent opportunities for role play and it changes from being a house, to a hospital, a dentist, a motorway cafe…as interests dictate.

Hedgehogs and Robins love their garden play. Gross motor skills are developed by sit-and-ride toys, pedalling trikes and cars, running and jumping, using slides, climbing frames and ball games. Relaxing sand and water play are always popular.

The children enjoy planting seeds,watering them and watching their plants grow. Astraturf and a big canopy enable outdoor play throughout the year.

Children enjoy role play, art and craft, sand and water play, construction toys, a variety of puzzle types and jigsaws.

Outings to the Country Park are enjoyed by those with sufficient stamina, and walks with Key Persons and friends around the local area provide fresh interest and knowledge of their surroundings.

At times, children need a place to be quiet and there are areas which provide the opportunity to enjoy books and listen to stories.

Activities are carefully planned to guide a child towards achievement of Ofsted’s Early Learning Goals.

Our primary aims are to:

  • Provide a clean, calm, safe and loving environment to allow toddlers to grow and develop at their own pace.
  • Work closely with parents to ensure consistency of care and approach
  • Offer opportunities for the children to learn basic skills in dexterity, perception and construction through play, toys and creative activities
  • Encourage language and speech development
  • Promote individuality as each child is unique
  • Ensure a balance between activity and rest
  • Encourage independence and to liaise with the Key Persons of the Squirrels group and Pre School to aid the smooth transition from group to group
07:45Children arrive
08:00 - 08:45Breakfast
09:00Assembly/children's news time, special events, e.g., birthdays
09:30Small group time: structured activities with Key Worker
10:30Mid-morning milk, water or squash and biscuits
10:45Garden play / music / singing / story time
11:45Lunch time. Followed by toileting, washing, teeth cleaning and a story.
Rest time according to individual needs. Quiet activities for children
who do not need to sleep.
14:30Afternoon drink and biscuit.
Free activities
15:30 - 16:00Tea
Music / story / carefully-chosen video or short children's T.V. programme
16:00 - 18:15Parents arrive to collect their children